Winter Wedding Photography

Weddings in Winter

Winter photography provides the ultimate challenge for most of us photographers, but I’m pleased to report it’s one I relish wholeheartedly! I used to get frustrated by the lack of light, shorter days, and huge restrictions that a winter wedding would present for photo opportunities, and I know the other photographers I’d talk to felt the same.

So I decided to do something about it, and after several winters worth of experimenting, and lots of brainstorming, I hit the jackpot! I came up with some special very quick to use lighting techniques that have opened up a whole new world of picture opportunities for my clients. This now enables me to capture those wow shots after sundown that were previously not an option! (READ MORE.)

In the gallery above you’ll see many pictures I’ve taken at various Buckinghamshire and Home Counties hotels where it looks like the venue is beautifully floodlit by the owners, most couples say that’s gorgeous and think nothing of it. That’s until I show them two pictures of what it really looked like before with the backdrop or building shrouded in complete darkness, and then after my lighting tricks! I use my lighting techniques to dramatic effect both indoors and outside throughout the year, but especially for my winter wedding photography bookings. As a result of these quirky winter lighting methods, my winter diary has been almost as busy as my summer diary for the past 15 years.

If you have a forthcoming winter wedding in the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire or Hertfordshire area, I’d love to hear from you.

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