Buckinghamshire Wedding Detail Photography

Rings, Table Plans, Flowers & More

There are times at every wedding where there are quieter moments, and when your guests will appreciate not being photographed. During this time I focus on one of my favourite aspects of the wedding day. The little details that you’ve spent so much time and money creating now take centre stage, and these special images add a pause to the story too.

This imagery might include your rings, cake, flowers, top table, wedding breakfast set-up, the venue exteriors/interiors, table plan, etc. Also, if you’ve added any personal design touches around the venue I’ll most likely be photographing these too.

Buckinghamshire wedding detail photography

Maximising My Time At Your Wedding

During the photography opportunity I’m using my telephoto and macro lenses, and special lighting to ensure these images are as magical and colourful as possible.

The close-up images also make great additions in your final wedding album, these can be either main images or backdrops to other photographs.

Do check out my detail wedding gallery for many more examples of my work.