Colour, colour everywhere – bright colours are the wedding trend for 2024/25

Bold & Beautiful

I’ve noticed of late that there’s been a dramatic shift away from muted colour schemes. I’m now seeing far bolder colours used in bouquets, bridesmaids dresses, and generally throughout couples’ colour schemes. In fact many of the weddings I attend are awash with hues as bright as the eye can see!

Previously most of the colour schemes were classic whites, creams and subtle colour tints. Now I’m seeing rich reds, hot pinks and vibrant oranges used more than ever. I have to say I love this bolder approach, it brings an amazing rainbow of colours to the wedding celebrations, and to my wedding photographs too!

So it was no surprise to me when I was reading in the national press this morning ‘the wedding trends for 2024/5’, near the top of the list was bolder colours, more sparkly bridesmaids dresses, and generally lots of bling – wow!

Bright colours for wedding photographs

Photographs That Jump From The Page

My photography is is all about rich colours, and imagery that jumps from the page with a pop of colour, so I’ve been thrilled to witness this shift, and especially to read about it in the press too!

The big photography trend over the past six years has been for the vintage dreamy faded Instagram look. This is so not me, in fact whilst this understated subtle style was so popular I decided not to follow the crowd and made my images ever more vibrant and colourful! You’ll see no yellow hues, washed out bride’s dresses, or faded skin tones in my imagery, instead expect lovely warm glowing vibrant images that more accurately reflect what’s in front of my camera!

Most importantly my diary has been as been as busy as ever, sometimes in life it pays to be a little different, my colourful images certainly get me noticed.