Waddesdon Manor Photo-Shoot with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Brides Boutique Buckingham Photo-Shoot

Waddesdon Manor is a destination that is very special to me, and over the past 18 years they’ve recommended me as one of their preferred suppliers. My work can be seen throughout their marketing material, including on their glitzy website. I just love returning to this magical location time after time!

The Waddesdon Estate

I’ve walked through those impressive front entrance doors at The Dairy on the Waddesdon Estate so many times to photograph a wedding. And each and every visit I still get butterflies entering this famous and magnificent Rothschilds Estate. The setting has to be seen to be believed, and it’s no wonder that so many wedding couples fall for the charm of this magnificent wedding reception venue. Whether it’s the landscaped gardens, the historical buildings, the lakeside setting or the divine service and food, this venue ticks all the right boxes for so many people!

Couples getting married at The Dairy are welcome to visit the gardens of the Manor House for some pictures at some point during their special day, and this is still as popular as ever for the weddings I attend there. Whenever I go up to the manor on a wedding day, I know I have 10-15 minutes maximum before it’s time to return with the couple to The Dairy and their wedding guests. It’s not easy when there are hundreds of picture opportunities at the Manor House, but the last thing I want to do is to delay the day’s proceedings, so when it’s time to go I leave behind so many picture possibilities.

Cameras At The Ready For Waddesdon Manor Wedding Photography

So as you can imagine, it was a real treat to be able to spend a whole two hours at the Manor House last week on a collaborative photoshoot that I arranged with the Brides Boutique Buckingham. It allowed me the opportunity to try out some of those ideas and backdrops that there’s never usually time for! It’s so rare with my busy summer wedding schedule to find any time to capture pictures at a more leisurely pace, so this was an opportunity I was going to grab with both hands!

On the day time was less of an issue as we’d planned for a two hour photoshoot, so we just had to pray for good weather! After rescheduling a few times due to the good old British weather, come the day of the shoot we had a nervous wait. We hoped and prayed that the forecasters were right that the skies would miraculously clear soon the after public left the Estate at 6pm. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was as I watched the clouds disperse,  the effort to pull off one of these shoots takes so much organising. The glorious weather was more than we could have hoped for!

Photographs At Windmill Hill On The Waddesdon Estate

This chic ultra modern architectural gem was completed in 2011, it was built to house the archives of the Rothschilds that contributed to Waddesdon. It is also the home to a stunning contemporary art collection, the pieces have been chosen to complement the building and its environment. The building mirrors the footprint of the former dairy farm on the site, and as a reminder of its history, two of the original barns have been retained in the design. The views are truly spectacular, whilst the architecture and the landscape harmonise together perfectly. The sleek lines, water features, and plenty of glass all integrate in a way that brings the surrounding hills into the dynamics of the exquisite design.

I’ve been to Windmill Hill on numerous occasions, unfortunately on a wedding day I have about 5-10 minutes with the bride and groom before its time to return to the wedding reception at The Dairy. So this was quite the treat to spend the best part of 45 minutes at this breathtaking building, and I was in my element as I made full use of the opportunity.

Video Shoot Of Me

During the photoshoot I was also filmed working for my soon to be compiled promotional video, I guess it’s only fair I have the camera pointed my way now and again! I much prefer being behind the camera, I guess the one positive is that I don’t do these videos very often. Do keep watching my website, you’ll soon see it appear on my homepage.

Collaborative Team

This collaborative Manor House photo-shoot would not have been possible without a fabulous venue, so a big thank you goes to the team at Waddesdon who kindly granted permission for the session.

The pictures you see on my gallery were captured at Windmill Hill on the estate, Waddesdon Manor itself, and on the parterre to the house. We also visited the fabulous aviary before the sun started to fade.

Emily & Kaine were our superb models for shoot, as it happens I photographed their actual wedding day last summer at Missenden Abbey. Emily’s hair & makeup was beautifully done by Jodie Eleanor from Aylesbury. The stunning bouquets were provided by The Flower Room, I’ve been working with Tricia for many years now as we are both recommended by three of the same venues locally, including Waddesdon. The breathtaking two gowns you see here were kindly provided by Kay from Brides Boutique Buckingham shop, who has some truly beautiful designs in her current collection.

Below you’ll find a selection of my favourites from the day, I hope you enjoy looking through the gallery.