Latimer Estate Wedding Photos – Lara & Dave

Latimer Estate – Beautiful Wedding Photos Overlooking The Chess Valley

Lara and Dave’s Latimer Estate wedding was held on the most glorious sunny day at the end of the summer last year – perfect for photos!

I hadn’t visited the venue since its major refurbishment. I have to say the money spent on this fabulous hilltop hotel has achieved the absolute wow factor!  The views from this sensational property are out of this world!

Brief History Of Latimer House

Latimer Estate’s origins date far back to 1194. Edward I’s daughters once resided at the house. And, when Charles I was captured by the Parliamentarians, they brought him to Latimer House on his way to London in 1647. In 1648, Charles stood trial before a high court controlled by his arch enemy, led by Oliver Cromwell. He was convicted of treason and sentenced to death. In 1649 he was beheaded outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall, London.

A fire severely damaged the original Latimer House in the early 1800s, leaving only the chimneys and cellars. The famous architect Edward Blore then set about rebuilding it in a Victorian-Gothic revival style. You may well recognise his other work: Chatsworth House and Buckingham Palace.

  Secret Intelligence At Latimer House

During WWII the British government used Latimer House as a centre for Intelligence gathering. They held German prisoners of war in the cellars, including none other than Rudolf Hess! The prisoners arrived and left in blacked out vehicles, so they never knew where they were. Over ten thousand prisoners of war were kept here between 1942 and 1945. Interrogations were proving less successful than the authorities had hoped for, so they decided that the inmates should be secretly bugged to gather intelligence. None of the prisoners were aware that they were being monitored so closely, and they spoke freely to one another in their cells. These intelligence recordings were pivotal in enabling the allies to win the war. The 100,000 transcripts still survive to this day, held in the National Archives.

Since the end of WWII the house is rumoured to have been a military training base. Many secret tunnels remain below the building to this very day.

I just wish the walls could talk, the colourful and cheqeured history of this surreal place would reveal so many well kept secrets!

Before The Ceremony At Latimer Estate

When I arrived, Lara and her bridesmaids were in high spirits, as were Dave and his groomsmen. By now I could gauge that this was going to be one fun wedding! And I was not disappointed, their family and friends were in great form too. Add to the mix an amazing buzz and vibe and you have one fabulous wedding!

To have such perfect blue skies, I was in absolute dreamland for the most perfect lighting conditions for my work!

Latimer Estate wedding photos - The front of the hotel

The Civil Ceremony

If there were any nerves from Lara and Dave before the ceremony, they hid them mighty well. They both seemed as calm as could be both prior and during the ceremony itself, and their family and friends certainly provided so much love and encouragement too.

The ceremony was so relaxed and enjoyable, and Lara and Dave’s loving personalities lit up everyone’s faces during the heartfelt vows. There were tears, laughter and smiles in abundance; this was one truly memorable wedding service.

 Latimer Estate’s Stunning Vistas

Latimer Estate offers up so many incredible backdrops. I really enjoy using the grand staircase, plus the majestic exteriors of this wonderful hotel. Then when you turn your back against the hotel, the views are stunning over the Chess Valley and the numerous lakes!

The ornateness of this historic property has to be seen to be believed. And, naturally I use the many architectural details for so many of my picture backdrops.

Wedding Photos At Latimer Estate

My favourite images of the newlyweds were captured on the grand staircase, where the backdrop and angle really captured the wedding dress and the venue perfectly.

Also, I loved all outdoor shots under the crisp blue skies, these magical conditions just lift my pictures to another level!

Another favourite backdrop of mine has to be the big sweeping steps outside the hotel. The steps work beautifully for the bigger group shots, and having so many levels to work with is such a treat when it comes to composition. After I’d used the steps for some of my group poses, it was now my turn to stand at the top for the one of everyone with the valley view beyond.

I hope my pictures of Lara and Dave do their warm smiles and fun loving personalities justice. Below are some of my favourites from the day.

Latimer Estate wedding photos of large group

Kind Words

Dear Mark,  

We just want you to know how absolutely thrilled we are with our wedding photographs. They capture exactly the beauty and happiness of our day perfectly and will be a reminder of how perfect it was for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to ask what we wanted and how we wanted the day portrayed. You clearly understood exactly and they all show our perfect day. Did you fix the weather to be so amazing as well?!

You’ve captured our beautiful setting, and the totally relaxed, happy and magical atmosphere perfectly.  Even the “formal” ones are relaxed and look amazing.  We particularly love the one with all the ushers and groomsmen walking and talking, and the confetti throwing ones and… well all the others as well actually!! 

We are absolutely over the moon with the quality and exactly what we wanted for the day. 

Dave and I have looked through all the photos again and again and cannot find any that we think would need any alterations in the slightest, they are all to perfection. 

Just want you to know that we so LOVE the photographs you took for our wedding

Thanks again, Lara & Dave