The Dairy, Waddesdon Scottish Wedding – Sheila & Pete

Scottish Themed Wedding At The Dairy On The Waddesdon Estate

Occasionally as wedding photographers we all experience a day where straight away you feel like you’re amongst good friends! This amazing feeling overwhelmed me at Sheila and Pete’s wonderful Scottish themed wedding at the Dairy, Waddesdon. This lovely couple shared so much enthusiasm, energy and warmth! At the pre meetings, Sheila was so excited about their wedding plans. From that moment it was clear that this was going to be one amazing day!

Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding reception

Bagpipes & Red Kites

One moment I’ll never forget was soon after I’d arrived at The Dairy. After driving through many showers on route from the studio; the damp conditions were going to be far from ideal.

Whilst approaching The Dairy entrance,  the bagpiper warming up could be heard from afar. And it was soon obvious that we were both by now keeping a watchful eye on the black clouds above. And as the autumnal winds whipped up, the airborne leaves and dramatic sounds so reminded me of my trips to the Scottish Highlands!  These seasonal conditions are perfectly acceptable for a walk in the Scottish glens, but not are not so great for a wedding!

As wedding guests arrived at the Dairy, the grey skies threatened over Waddesdon – very atmospheric and very Scottish! But sure as heck,  Sheila and Pete would trade these conditions for kinder weather in the blink of an eye.

And then as if by magic, the stunning sound of ‘The Flower of Scotland’ coming from the pipes had an incredible effect! The sounds carrying over the estate had by now attracted several red kites, circling directly above the Dairy’s courtyard. But before the piper had finished, the kites vanished along with all the black clouds and strong winds. The sun shone and the wind died down, and the Dairy looked stunning under blue skies.

It was the most amazing and surreal spectacle! It’s unlikely that anyone else other than me and the bagpiper saw this, but it’s something I think we’ll both remember for a very long time.

Pre ceremony with the bride at her Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding

Civil Wedding Ceremony In The Wintergarden At The Dairy

Sheila and Pete’s energy and bubbly personalities really shone through and created the most wonderful atmosphere.

The ceremony was so much fun, but Sheila and Pete were not too bothered that this was meant to be the formal part of the proceedings! The banter and laughter throughout was non-stop, and they even had the registrar giggling away a number of occasions!

Not only did the smiling newlyweds exit the ceremony with a bounce in their step, but Pete did a mini Scottish highland fling to celebrate!

A view of one of the many architectural details at Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding

Lakeside Champagne

By now Sheila and Pete’s infectious personalities were now rubbing off on everyone; the smiles and laughter were pretty much non-stop! The sheer number of candid picture opportunities was a joy for me.

My only concern was how on earth could anyone persuade the newlyweds to step away for the classic poses and group photos! In the mean time my camera just kept clicking away as the partying continued!

The lively drinks reception at Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding

Autumnal Picture Opportunities

When the pre agreed time came, I persuaded Sheila and Pete to step away from the drinks reception. Sheila was really keen to capture as many wedding backdrops of the Dairy and the surrounding Waddesdon landscape as possible. Thankfully she loved all of the 300+ examples of the Dairy on my website, and she was happy to leave it to me! During the stroll around the Dairy’s grounds with the newlyweds, we stopped off at various points to capture their favourite vistas.

The whole time they were giggling away, and the amazing love and magical bond that this couple shared was an absolute joy to witness. Some of the nicest shots were captured as we strolled between the various stop off points. And they seemed oblivious to my camera pointing their way most of the time.

Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding - relaxed group pose

Magic Tricks & Speeches

Sheila and Pete chose probably the finest magician for many miles around; Paul Megram is regarded as the best of the best by so many people in the business. He has the most incredible ability to not just perform sensational tricks, but to have everyone rolling around in laughter too. And as documentary photographer, opportunities for my camera don’t get any better!

The speeches were lively and entertaining, with many memories from years gone by. The balance between the hilarious and the heartfelt was perfect. And yes, at times there were lots of tears of joy amongst the guests for this much loved couple!

The Magician at work during this Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding

Floodlit Images Of The Dairy & The Evening’s Entertainment

Sheila was keen for me to capture some of my floodlit shots after dusk, the backdrops at The Dairy are sensational for these dramatic poses. The one you see here captured across the lake is always a favourite, the reflections on the water are so incredibly atmospheric.

As you can imagine, the partying really kicked up a few gears once the dancing was underway. Throughout the whole evening, the guests lit up the dance floor with their energetic moves.

Over the lake at dusk at this Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding

Warm & Fun Loving Couple

Sheila and Pete are two of the loveliest and most bubbly people you could ever wish to meet. Capturing their wedding pictures, and spending time with their amazing group of friends and family was an absolute pleasure. It was a magical day from start to finish, and yes even I lost track of the time towards the end of the day. The newlyweds, myself and the staff at the Dairy were having so much fun; in fact I think everyone had lost track of the time towards to end of the evening!

Thank you Sheila and Pete for choosing me to capture your wonderful wedding. From the minute I arrived I felt like I was one of your wedding guests.

As I headed home after a truly exhausting day, I reflected that weddings like this make me love my job so very much!

If you’re planning a Scottish (English, Welsh or Irish) wedding at The Dairy, it would be great to hear from you.

The newlyweds pose for my camera at their Dairy Waddesdon Scottish themed wedding

Kind Words

Hi Mark,

We don’t know quite where to begin with you!!! We are absolutely BLOWN AWAY. You are one fabulous photographer and we are sooooo glad you photographed our wedding.

You were a great talking point among our guests, completely professional and unobtrusive, they just loved you! We had a superb day, and everything went like clockwork (even the weather held in the end) how lucky was that?

Thank you soooooo much for everything, you are a star. By the way do you not wear a watch, cause we are sure you were well beyond our allocated time! Very much looking forward to seeing the fabulous photos in our finished album.

Kindest regards,

Sheila & Pete