Bisham Abbey Wedding Photography

Photographing weddings at Bisham Abbey

Bisham Abbey near Marlow dates back to the 1260s, and the building itself was built for soldier-monks called the Knights Templar. The actual abbey stood next door until it was demolished in the 1530s. The Knights Templar lived like monks at Bisham, but they also had to protect pilgrims when they travelled to the Holy Land in the Middle East. They were very secretive and became very powerful in Europe. The King of France was jealous and made up dreadful stories about them. So the Pope banned the organisation and told King Edward II of England to seize all their land in this country.   Queen Elizabeth I spent a number of years imprisoned here during Bloody Mary’s reign. Later, it was given to the Earls of Salisbury, who lived there for many years. The 5th Earl and his son, the famous Earl of Warwick, were both killed in the War of the Roses. In Tudor Times, the Hoby family lived there, who built the Great Dining Hall and the big tower on the back of the property. The Vansittart-Neales lived there in Victorian and Modern Times. It now belongs to the National Sports Council, and the England Football Team trains there!

It is said to be the most haunted house in Berkshire. One of the more active paranormal residents of Bisham Abbey is in fact believed to be that of Lady Elizabeth Hoby, who in a tragic accident is said to have killed her son William. Her phantom has been seen since the early 1600’s wandering the grounds.

On a far more cheery note, Bisham Abbey now hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions, and the lovely riverside gardens provide fabulous wedding photography opportunities. The abbey has so many dramatic backdrops, and it is the most stunning venue consideration for your special day. The abbey’s colourful gardens and dramatic interiors were are always an absolute pleasure to photograph; oak panelling and high ceilings are a dream for my style of wedding photography.

The abbey itself is superb for wedding pictures, I adore all the huge leaded windows, the dramatic oak panelled rooms, the arched doorways, and the quirkiness of so many areas within this charming old venue. Obviously the other big wow factor is the abbey’s riverside location, watching the world go by from the grounds doesn’t get more relaxing for your guests, or more spectacular for my photographs of your wedding day.

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