Clearwell Castle Wedding Photography

Photographing weddings at Clearwell Castle

Most of the building we see now was built in the 1720s for the Wyndham family, whilst the Ballroom is part of an older building dating back to the 1600’s. During the 1800s the fortunate villagers were granted permission to use the Ballroom as a chapel as St Peters Church in the village was not built at this time.

Unlike many country estates, there have been numerous owners of Clearwell Castle. During its chequered history it was once gutted by fire, and it was almost demolished after being abandoned for many years.

Frank Yeates, who owned a bakery in Blackpool, heard the news of the planned demolition of the Castle. He was born in the castle’s North Lodge, and devastated by the news he moved quickly to buy the Castle for £3,000! Frank and his son then set about restoring the Castle, and with limited funds they taught themselves the skills they needed to restore the property. After many years of hard work they ran out of funds for any further restorations, and so they came up with the idea of hosting medieval banquets at the castle to pay for their continuing work.

During the 1970s the Castle was used as a recording studio, the famous rock bands that recorded albums here included Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen and Whitesnake. Nowadays the basement recording studios are where the wedding discos and live bands entertain your wedding guests. I’m sure few of your wedding guests would ever know that this is where so many famous recording artists wrote and recorded some of their biggest hits!

Clearwell Castle was bought by Country House Weddings in 1997, after extensive restoration works they opened the castle as an exclusive use wedding destination, it is now one of the busiest wedding venues in the UK.

Clearwell Castle is a wonderful historic property that has withstood a devastating fire, near ruination, rock bands and has now returned to its former splendour. As an exclusive use wedding venue, couples can now enjoy the most magical day of their lives in this amazing Castle.

It goes without saying that Clearwell Castle offers the most perfect mix of both interior and exterior backdrops for your wedding photography. The backdrops are out of this world, come rain or shine, sun or snow, you’ll be spoilt for choice in every direction. I particularly loved the front facade of this gorgeous building, and the adjacent wheat field was amazing for pictures too. The Ballroom was my favourite room inside the venue, the high vaulted ceilings and huge leaded windows were amazing to capture on camera, the natural light in this room was incredible.

I’ve only ever photographed one wedding at this amazing venue, but I would jump at the chance to return, as I adored this enchanting castle! If you’d like to discuss your Clearwell Castle wedding photography requirements, I’d love to hear from you, or if you’d like to know more about booking Clearwell Castle for your wedding, click here.