Sculpture Gallery Wedding Photography – Woburn Abbey

History of the Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey

The Sculpture Gallery is located on the fabulous 3,000 acre Woburn Abbey estate. Henry Holland designed and built this beautiful building in 1790 for the 5th Duke of Bedford. Originally built as an orangery, the Sculpture Gallery has its own private lake and stunning rose garden. It even has beautiful views onto the estate’s famous deer park.

This is one of the most majestic and elegant venues for weddings in the UK, with a capacity which can vary from 50 up to 250 guests. At all times total exclusivity is guaranteed.

Photographing weddings at the Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey

If you love grandeur, fine architecture, opulent sculptures, and gorgeous gardens, this could well be the venue for you. For instance, some of the very finest sculptures imaginable adorn the walls, the corridors and even the gardens of this magical wedding venue.

From my description above, you’ve probably gathered that I’m a big fan of the Sculpture Gallery for wedding photography possibilities. No matter what the weather is doing, this place epitomises sophisticated grandeur.

At night time they beautifully floodlight the whole building. In fact, even the sculptures have their own uplighters!

My favourite backdrop for pictures has to be the main gallery. For example, the natural light coming through the huge floor to ceiling windows illuminates the majestic interior of this historic building.

A close second has to be on the approach to the sculpture gallery as we drive past Woburn Abbey itself. In fact, I’ll usually arrange for the wedding car driver to stop so we can capture a few pictures of the newlyweds with this sensational vista.

I’ve photographed 5 or 6 weddings over the years at the Sculpture Gallery.  So, if you’d like to discuss your Sculpture Gallery wedding photography requirements, I’d love to hear from you.  Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about hosting your wedding at the Sculpture Gallery click here.