Sir Christopher Wren House Hotel Wedding Photography

History of Sir Christopher Wren House Hotel

I’ve been lucky to be asked to do the photography for a number of weddings over the years at the Sir Christopher Wren House Hotel.

It sits on the bank of the River Thames, overlooked by the towers of Windsor Castle.  Sir Christopher Wren, the celebrated 17th century architect, lived in this house.

King Charles II appointed him surveyor of the King’s Works, which put him in charge of all building works done for the King. This included rebuilding the churches of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral after the Great Fire of London.

In 1689, Wren took over the building of the Guildhall in Windsor. It has a big room above many columns. Wren said it only needed a column at each corner to hold it up. The townsfolk said it needed more or the room would collapse on top of them! Wren eventually agreed to add new columns. He knew he was right though, so he made sure they don’t touch the ceiling and don’t support the room above.  Have a look next time you walk underneath, it’s lasted 300 years and hasn’t collapsed yet!

Photographing weddings at the Sir Christopher Wren House Hotel

The hotel itself is great for wedding picture opportunities. Its proximity in central Windsor to the river provides great backdrops in every direction. The views from the terrace are pretty special, looking over Eton Bridge. The river Thames couldn’t be any more serene for your wedding guests on a glorious summers day.

My Sir Christopher Wren House Hotel wedding photography gallery above should give you a good insight into this lovely venue.  If you’d like to discuss your wedding photography requirements I’d love to hear from you, or click here to learn more about hosting your wedding at the Sir Christopher Wren House Hotel.