Tipi Wedding With Indian Mehndi & Pithi Ceremonies – Tasha & James

A Truly Colourful Asian Wedding

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this colourful, lively Buckinghamshire tipi wedding, complete with two Indian traditions: a Mehndi and Pithi ceremony.

The kaleidoscope of colours from this magical day will take your breath away! I loved every aspect of this gorgeous wedding, and I’m sure you will too.

Buckinghamshire wedding mehndi pithi pre ceremony

Tipi  Wedding Reception

Tasha & James had glorious weather for their magical evening wedding ceremony at Chearsley, Bucks. They opted for majestic tipi tents, and these beautiful structures reached for the sky. These offered elegant timeless simplicity whilst harmonising with the idyllic countryside surroundings. Inside was stylish and comfortable, with the two large open fires adding warmth and a stunning glow. I’ve photographed several marquee weddings over the years, but this had a completely unique feel!

Now add a lively Indian wedding ceremony, plus a great bunch of friends and family. Then add lots of laughter, amazing food, gorgeous vibrant colours, a funky cocktail bar,  a live band, and some action packed high octane dancing, and wow!

Buckinghamshire wedding mehndi pithi tipi reception

Mehndhi & Pithi Ceremonies

The Buckinghamshire wedding day started with two traditional Indian pre-wedding activities, the Mehndhi and the Pithi ceremony. I loved capturing the huge smiles on every relative and friend’s face as they are let loose on the couple dousing raw eggs and so much more onto their faces!

The traditional ceremony was about as fun as can be. I certainly can’t remember witnessing so much laughter during a wedding ceremony. After the ceremony Tasha and James cleaned up beautifully and partied the night away with friends and family.

Buckinghamshire wedding ceremony mehndi pithi


Raas Garba dancing

The evening’s entertainment was my favourite part of the day, with so many wedding guests of all ages diving on the dance floor to join in with the high tempo Raas Garba partying and dancing! Raas Garba is of Gujarati origin and Gujarati weddings are incomplete without this dance. Women usually do this dance, although men are welcome to participate. Raas Garba is performed in groups, with each group dancing in circles whilst performing well-coordinated dance steps. This wedding probably had more high energy non-stop dancing than I’ve ever seen in my life. Heaven knows where everyone got their energy from!

This was one unbelievable wedding, it had Tasha & James’s personalities written all over it!  The tipi ambience and the Mehndi and Pithi Buckinghamshire ceremonies started the wedding off on just the right note! Congratulations to you both, and for staging one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever attended!

If you’re looking a for a wedding photographer to cover your Buckinghamshire Indian wedding ceremony, I’d live to hear from you.

Buckinghamshire wedding mehndi pithi - dancing the night away


Kind Words

Dear Mark,

Just to say how delighted we are with the wonderful images you produced from the Pithi celebrations at our wedding, it seems you must have been everywhere simultaneously. To have caught all those magical moments that defined this magical occasion; and with the vaguest of briefs as well, brilliant!

We are so grateful to you for your professionalism and patience on the day. We are not the easiest people to photograph, but we are so happy with the images that you’ve captured for us.

You were able to read the overall mood of the people being photographed, and persisted with getting the very best out of them. We really enjoyed having you as part of our day.

Your photographs have captured perfectly the amazing colourfulness of the Indian ceremonies, and all the stunning outfits our guests had made the effort to wear. Our happy memories are now captured forever, thank you Mark!