Marquee Wedding Photography

Photographing marquee and outdoor weddings

Marquee wedding photography tends to lend itself to really relaxed informal pictures, and throughout my gallery you’ll see lots of these magical candid moments. More and more couples are choosing to get married outdoors, opting for farms and private properties instead of more classic wedding venues and hotels. This has resulted in a huge rise in the popularity of the marquee weddings.

This style of wedding is particularly appealing to couples who want to put their personal stamp on their day. A marquee wedding in their chosen setting ensures their guests have a completely unique one-off experience. I’ve seen wedding marquees and tipis positioned in the most unlikely locations, and to great effect too, from riverside locations to hilltop vantage points to beach front settings.

One of my favourite outdoor wedding settings was for a couple who created a marquee extension to their beautiful historic town centre home in Buckinghamshire. They covered every square inch of their garden including their formal flower borders and feature pond and fountain, yet still managed to seat 100 guests; the look was truly surreal.

Marquee weddings can be more work to arrange, but most couples tell me that the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Unlike most hotels and wedding venues, a marquee wedding provides couples with a blank canvas to design their own space. Most couples then source styling items to appeal to their tastes, and to represent their personalities. Many couples also see marquees as a DIY opportunity, and call in their close family and friends to set it all up prior to the wedding day. I’ve seen so many amazing marquee weddings that have come together beautifully from the couple’s pure creativity over the years.

Most of the marquee wedding photographs on my galleries were captured in the Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Berkshire areas. If you’re planning a marquee wedding and would like to discuss your photography requirements, I’d love to hear from you.


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