Classic Wedding Photography

Capturing classic wedding photographs

With my many years of experience, come rain or shine my clients have peace of mind that their images will be amazing. My classic style of wedding photography has a unique look – it’s the combination of the soft flattering lighting, albeit sometimes dramatic, beautiful composition, vibrant colours, together with the emotions that totally capture the magic in my style of imagery.

Before the wedding day I agree the mix of classic and reportage photography with you, and I note down the group photographs that you’d like to capture so that on the day you can relax, confident that we won’t miss that special family or friends picture. Most of my clients ask me to capture about 10% of their pictures in a more classic style as you’ll see on this gallery, with the remaining 90% of the images being captured in an un-staged documentary candid style.

People always look better when they are natural and being themselves.  Overly forced poses rarely work, but there is a time and place at every wedding to capture some classic poses. Group pictures of family and friends and portraits of the newlyweds are as popular as ever, but the secret is to capture them as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can spend as much time as possible relaxing with your guests on the day. Once the posed pictures are complete, I’m straight back behind my camera capturing lots of documentary style wedding pictures of your guests enjoying themselves.

My standout signature images are undoubtedly my floodlit night shots. I carry special lighting to illuminate your venue at dusk whilst including the two of you in the foreground; this quirky technique creates the most striking result for the finale to your wedding album. I’ve been using my lighting technique for over 15 years, it enables me to illuminate venues that are totally shrouded in darkness into bright vibrant wow night images.

Most of the classic style wedding photographs you see on this gallery were taken at venues in the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire areas.  If you’d like to discuss your wedding photography planning, I’d love to hear from you!

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