Candid Wedding Photography

Capturing candid wedding moments

I don’t believe that weddings are about fancy locations – even though it’s great to be somewhere truly magical – weddings are all about the people! I want my customers to look back at their wedding photographs many years from now and remember what it felt like to be there. The tears, joyful laughter, and emotions that happen at every wedding provide me with the ideal opportunity to capture so many of your magical moments in a documentary candid style. It’s these pictures that will truly bring your memories flooding back as the years pass by. Probably 90% of my pictures are unstaged and captured in this storybook style on your special day. As your wedding photographer, I’m also your storyteller on the day, it’s an aspect of the day I relish wholeheartedly. There’s nothing complex about taking documentary photographs, the secret is being in the right place at the right time, and having the skill to capture those unrepeatable moments.

People always ask me why my images look so different from the many others they’ve seen online. Experience, experience, experience, and an eye and timing for those split second moments, it’s taken me many years to master extreme natural lighting situations, whilst at all times being sensitive to what’s happening around me to achieve consistently beautiful images time after time at every wedding.

Paul Megram is one of the UK’s finest magicians, and I work with him regularly as I photograph weddings in the same Buckinghamshire and Berkshire catchment area. His work is also all about absolute split second timings and reactions, so I was very flattered when he said it was mostly my documentary reaction images that he wanted to use on his website and marketing material. He said he loved how my pictures consistently capture those unrepeatable reactions on peoples’ faces whilst he’s working, Paul is a former professional wedding photographer, so I was very flattered to hear his kind words. You’ll see quite a few of these images of Paul on my candid gallery whilst he’s performing his his magic tricks.

Most of the candid and documentary wedding photographs you see on this gallery were taken in the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Hertfordshire area.