Kids Wedding Photography

Photographing children at weddings

Children will add a dose of magic to any wedding: their energy, enthusiasm, and smiles will just add so much fun and happiness to your picture collection. Most of the natural pictures you see on this gallery are candid and un-staged; some are lightly posed, but they are done in a way that involves the children in as fun a way as possible. I photograph a lot of Buckinghamshire and Home Counties weddings where there are many children present, so capturing them enjoying themselves is a really important part of my job. Some of the results you see above are truly priceless; many of my customers have told me their families shed emotional tears when they viewed the results from their wedding for the first time. Children play a large part in the celebrations, so for me it’s important to document and photograph them enjoying the wonderful party atmosphere.

For twenty years I’ve photographed many thousands of children both at weddings and for my portrait customers. I’ve learnt that they are rarely predictable, and always keep me on my toes! At all my times my camera is close by to capture those magical and often completely unexpected moments. If you’re planning to have children at your wedding and would like to discuss your photography requirements, I’d love to hear from you.