Hedsor House Wedding Photography

History of Hedsor House

I’ve photographed several weddings at Hedsor House over the years, and I love the sense of history. As well, wedding photography options abound at every turn at Hedsor House.

Sir William Chambers, architect of London’s Somerset House, designed the building.  He spared no expense in making this a luxurious residence.

The mother of George III lived at Hedsor House. For example, entries in her diary describe how she entertained the King, Queen Victoria and her children. George III loved Hedsor’s position high above the River Thames.  In fact, he appreciated its nearness to London and Windsor!

Fire damaged the building in 1795, and the current house was completed in 1868. Unusually, the architects chose an Italian styled glass domed hall rather than an open courtyard. To this day the opulent domed ceiling is a stunning focal point. In fact, many weddings take place under Hedsor House’ dome.

It’s amazing to think you can get married where Britain’s kings and queens once entertained! More recently, many big screen movies and TV productions have used the house.  For example, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp and Maggie Smith have worked here, to name just a few!

Photographing weddings at Hedsor House

As you can see, Hedsor House is an amazing location for wedding photography. In fact over the years I’ve photographed a number of incredible weddings at this Buckinghamshire venue.

The exteriors and interiors at Hedsor House provide the ideal canvas for my style of wedding photography. So, if you’re planning a Hedsor House wedding I’d love to hear from you, or click here to learn more about hosting your wedding at Hedsor House.

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