Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Mark Sisley – Wedding Photographer

My photography studio is located in the Chesham on the Buckinghamshire / Hertfordshire border, and I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for 15 years. My style is dramatic and full of bold colours, with plenty of candid style images mixed with some classic poses.

Hertfordshire venues I’ve worked at recently include St. Michael’s Manor in St. Albans, Brocket Hall in Welwyn Garden City, The Grove in Watford, and others. You’ll see dedicated galleries for these venues on my website, and the associated blogs too.

 Wedding photography in the gardens of The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire

My Wedding Photography Reputation In Hertfordshire

Do take a look at the many 5 star reviews on my Google business listing, Facebook, Bridebook and Yell. Most of my photography work is in the Buckinghamshire area, but I love straying over the border to the many stunning wedding venues in Hertfordshire.

I’m fortunate to be recommended by many leading hotels and venues; they’ve all seen me work regularly over recent years. I’ve now photographed over 200 weddings at Taplow House Hotel, and more than 200 weddings at The Dairy on the Waddesdon Estate. I’ve also photographed over 80 weddings at each of the following venues/hotels: Hartwell House, Missenden Abbey and Hampden House.

I’m particularly known for my night time floodlit imagery. I relish the challenge of creating dramatic pictures once the daylight has faded. My unique and quirky lighting techniques produce the most dynamic effects during the winter months, or after dusk during the summer months. To see some of these lighting examples, you may wish to check out the most visited blog article on my website – Low Light Photography.

On a typical full day wedding booking, your images will receive in the region of 50 hours attention in total. Apart from capturing the photographs on the day, the bulk of the work happens when I’m editing and photoshopping back at my studio.

 Wedding photography of the newlyweds on the grand staircase at Pendley Manor Hotel in Hertfordshire

What Makes My Dedication & Craftsmanship Stand Out

You know you’re in safe hands:

  • I’ve now attended over 1,200 weddings – this experience is invaluable when unexpected scenarios arise or when weather turns extreme.
  • Photography is my full time profession, and I work from commercial premises. (Most people don’t realise that 75% of the wedding photographers found online are actually hobbyists working from home).
  • Eight of Buckinghamshire’s 4 and 5 star hotels/venues recommend my wedding photography services.
  • I work very quickly, keeping a close eye on your timings throughout the day.
  • I always carry lots of back up equipment. Camera failure is a very low risk for your day.
  • I supply all of the high resolution print ready JPEGs after your wedding.
  • Apart the initial deposit payment, no more money is due until you’ve approved the first batch of images from your wedding.
  • I shoot all of my weddings on dual memory card cameras.
  • On all of my wedding bookings I only shoot optimum quality RAW files.
  • On the day it’s me that takes your pictures.
  • My processed wedding images are backed up in two locations to guarantee safe keeping.
  • Your images can be viewed securely on my website.

My style is unique, colourful and dramatic:

  • I employ unique and cutting edge lighting techniques for my signature shots.
  • I’m particularly known for my dramatic floodlit imagery once the light fades.
  • My style is natural, informal and consistent, whilst capturing so many split second reactions during the course of the day.
  • My in-house graphic designer Jo designs all of my customer albums; she also undertakes any necessary and complex photoshop work.
  • I process all of your images individually to the highest standard, ensuring stunning colours and clarity throughout. I’m known for the eye popping bright colours in my imagery.

 Wedding photography in the gardens after dusk at The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire

How It All Started Out For Me

My passion for photography began after borrowing my dad’s old Olympus 35mm SLR camera. As a somewhat shy 13 year old I went off on the adventure of a lifetime to Algeria in North Africa, and my father suggested I should take his camera. I don’t think I placed the camera down for more than an hour or so on the entire trip – I fell in love with capturing the local people going about their daily lives.

Before I could blink, two years of photography studies followed. Then I was fortunate to work full time for four years as an assistant to some of London’s top advertising photographers. At weekends I worked as an assistant to one of the country’s leading wedding photographers. After all of this incredible training, I set up my Chesham Manor House studio just over 15 years ago. I still love being a photographer as much as ever; my passion and drive has never gone away!

During my training days, I did everything imaginable to break the old school photography rules. To this day I’m still experimenting and trying new approaches and techniques. It’s this desire, and my dare to be different philosophy that has kept my diary busy with wedding bookings.

My commercial premises are inside the former servants quarters of the most beautiful Queen Ann Manor House. As it has fabulous lakeside grounds, the location is perfect for my outdoor family portraiture. I’m still located at The Bury in Chesham, I’ve moved between different parts of the building over the years. This great property has played a major role in my career to date, and I just love my relaxed showroom and studio setup.

 Wedding photography of the ceremony room at Pendley Manor Hotel in Hertfordshire

The Camera Equipment I Use

At any given time, my camera and computer equipment investment is well over £35k, and every few years my gear becomes obsolete. I use professional full frame Nikon cameras, a brand I love for its reliability and amazing quality.

I have my cameras serviced regularly to ensure total reliability and peak performance.

 Wedding photography of the partying in full swing at Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire

I’m Often Asked  ‘Why Do Photography Prices Vary So Much’

Most couples looking for a photographer don’t realise that the majority of websites found online are actually start up businesses. Most aspiring photographers will vanish without trace within 2-3 years. This is an easy business to get into, but so few will ever turn it into a career. By booking an established and experienced photographer, you know you’re in very safe hands for your special day.

Chancing your wedding to someone with no training, basic budget cameras, and very limited knowledge and experience is so risky. You may save lots of money, but risking the memories from the biggest day of your life is not for everyone! In most instances, what appears to be a bargain deal is far from it! With a little research, you can avoid the devastation that many couples experience.

You may wish to read my blog on selecting a wedding photographer; this revealing write up will guide you through the tricky selection options.

 Wedding photography during the confetti aisle at Micklefield Hall in Hertfordshire

Exploring The Galleries On My Website

You’ll find over 50 Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire wedding venue galleries on my web pages, plus many other categorised image collections. You can browse through my galleries of images for candidclassic, church, barn, detail, winter and many more.

You’ll also find my Hertfordshire wedding blog write ups and corresponding images, and my search option also makes it easy to filter by venue or county. There are lots of customer testimonials for you to look at too.

 Wedding photography of the newlyweds walking in the gardens of Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire

Thinking Of Booking Me For Your Hertfordshire Wedding Photography?

I’d love to receive a call or email from you. I’m usually available for an informal chat most weekdays. If you’d like to visit me at my Buckinghamshire studio (by appointment), I’m located next to the parish church in Chesham Old Town.

I keep some fabulous wedding albums for you to peruse, featuring local Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Chilterns venues.

After our informal meeting, I encourage you to take your time on your decision. I’m happy to pencil your wedding date in my diary for seven days. Then if you should decide to proceed, a deposit is payable. The balance is due after your wedding, and only when you approve the 50-60 image mini gallery that I’ll create for you.

So if you’d like to chat to me about your Hertfordshire wedding photography requirements, I’d really love to hear from you.